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So if you're gonna do a face you must learn how to make a circle. Yeah, I know, it sucks. But art is a cruel mistress. we'll start with Rachel's head, since it's the most fun to draw.
First. Draw the circle. Not too much emphasis on the bottom part, that will be erased.
2)Draw on a pointy chin. Don't forget to add as needed to the cheek and jawbone areas.
3)Draw yourself some guides down the middle lines of her face horizontally and vertically. Remember that this example is a three-quarters view of the face.
4)With those guides in place, you can figure out where to add the eyelids, nose and ear.
5)Now you can add on eyebrows a mouth, and other things such as eyerises and lower lids.
6)The hair is hard to do, I generally use the skull as my guide.
7)Ink it up. At this stage the magic happens. If something doesn't look right, I may change it slightly. Then erase. You're done! Wasn't that easy?
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