Welcome to the drawing tutorial. I hope you find it educational and informative, but above all I hope you have fun. Just click around the drawing to the left to navigate.
    Remember, this is not necissarily the best way to draw; I merely am presenting you with ideas and shortcuts to help you do your own cartoons.
    Why do I use a style called psuedo-manga? Well, besides the fact that I like the Japanese style a lot, I also chose it because it is fast. It still usually takes me about three hours to do each comic, but I'm often distracted. In any case, I'm getting better and faster and that's what is important. Don't get discouraged.
If anyone wants to send me the art they produce after applying these techniques, feel more than free! Maybe we can get more gallery fodder.
I found some links to tutorials and such for your drawing and photoshop needs:
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