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Special effects can really make your comic look professional. I recommend doing them whenever time allows. For instance, say you want to imply shadows. You have many options. Usually I just do cross-hatching. But if I have extra time, I'll do some noise shading like in the first figure . To achieve that effect, I used the pen tool in photoshop to draw a box around the panel. Then I used the noise filter (click yes when it asks you to rasterize). With the eraser tool, I shaped the light and dark areas like I wanted. There are many other ways to go about this.

  Say you want to show an energy blast. Let's walk through that.
1)First draw your hand or two that the energy will be coming from.
2)Plot out what you want the energy blast to look like.
3)Now ad fur-looking lines that follow the contour of your guide.
4)Ink and erase the pencil lines. Viola! City leveling power in your hands!
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