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If you ain't got no body, this is the place to be. We'll look at my own body for this one. I am a massive person, but in a healthy way. Other characters will usually not be so large of stature, so keep that in mind.
1)Start with a stick figure. but it can't be normal, like a child would do, it has to have a span for the shoulders. Also remember that the placement of the spine-line is often crucial to the actions to be communicated by the character's pose. This guy is looking up in anticipation of something.
2)Now draw the box that will be the character's body. Let the shoulders be your guide.
3)At this step, we start to draw in some of the mass that will be added.
<4)We add muscles based on our guides thus far. If you're not familiar with anatomy, I suggest going out and grabbing an issue of muscle and fitness magazine.
6)I've erased most of the stick figure so I can draw on clothes. When clothes are applied, keep in mind that most of the muscle detail will go away, especially in the pants, and more especially if your character doesn't have as form-fitting clothes as I often wear.
7)I've used ink to choose the lines I really want to draw, and I've erased the rest. I also added a quick head and hand shapes, plus a cool t-shirt design I might make some day.back to the tutorial's main page